Day 2: Purple Reigns*

* With thanks to @tameblue for the pun


Purple Vans today, and a lovely dramatic shot of the office carpet.

Bought this pair to try an impress a girl who loved purple. Not sure she ever noticed, to be honest, but I still like them. I’m wearing a green shirt as well today, because I laugh in the face of old rhyming proverbs.

Current total is £70 pledged! Need more! DON’T FORGET TO DONATE!

Was hoping to con… er, corner lots of people in the office today for sponsor money, but there’s barely anyone in. The lightweights! (Admittedly, I wouldn’t be in either except I have a deadline today and another one on Monday… what evil corporation does that to a man?).

And please use the comments section to post any suggestions/ideas/challenges.

I shall try to find a cute kitten or a Supernatural cast member to include in a future photo to broaden the appeal of this appeal.

In the meantime, here are a couple Nike spaceship courtesy of Bucharest-based artist Ghica Popa.

See you tomorrow.




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