Day 3: Iron Man 3 Stripes

362 pairs to go…

Jan 3 copy

Thought I’d sci-fi things up today, not that the Adidas shoes aren’t a little bit fantasy in themselves anyway. Check out the guys on the tongues!

Jan 3 mysterious al copy

These were designed by a guy called Mysterious Al, who’s probably big in the skate world and uses phrases like “tag” and “burner” and “probation officer”. Apparently they glow in the dark (though if they do it’s a glow only measurable by complicated alien technology) and have an inverted crucifix somewhere in the design (I’M GOING TO HELL!!!). To be honest, I just liked the funny faces. (Wasn’t so keen the soles started coming away from the sides within a few days of buying ’em.)

Jan 3 muddy cat copyAnd remember I said I reserved the right to wear more practical trainers for certain activities? Well here’s why! My tatty old cycling trainers got absolutely soaked coming into work this morning. This, despite the fact I avoided the bit of the cycle path that I knew looked like the section in the photo below (photo by Alun Pughe).

However, it was so dark at the time, I didn’t notice another, massive, very deep puddle that stretched across another part of the cycle path. A part which was high up on an old, disused railway embankment, way above the surrounding flooded fields. That was some accomplishment by the British weather there – flooding something 10 metres above the flood plain. And it was freezing. And I was going far too fast. This was right at the start of the journey. By the time I got to work I felt like I should look like something out of a Road Runner cartoon – a bedraggled Wile E Coyote with two ginormous ice cubes for feet.

Cycle path 2

Jan 3 muddy shoes copyI must point out – those are NOT cycle shoes. They’re just a pair of old Puma trainers. I hate cycling shoes. Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m a shoe snob, but I really don’t see the point in cycling shoes. Well, if you’re a pro cyclist maybe. Perhaps having clip on, shiny silvers shoes with neon blue velcro fastenings and plastic god-knows-what-adds-ons might help you gain a few extra milliseconds in a race. But if you’re just cycling to work, on a cycle path, that’s shared by pedestrians so you shouldn’t be going stupidly fast anyway why the hell would you want to wear what looks like two R2 units on your feet? Maybe it’s just to distract you from the Max Wall leggings…

max wall 2So there’s a thought for you. I work in the same building as a bunch of cycling mags. Maybe they could lend me a few pairs of cycling shoes so that if I get enough money pledged (say £220) by the end of January – I’ll wear cycling shoes for five days (five different pairs mind). You know I’d hate it, that’s why it’s a good reason to make me do it! Hell, raise £250 and I’ll wear the leggings. Possibly. For one photo at least.

Don’t forget you can donate by clicking here.

£90 raised so far. 


Dave G


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