Day 4: Hailing A Half Cab

Day 4: hello old friends

Jan 4 copy

It’s the first weekend of the challenge (365 pairs of trainers throughout 2014) and I’m guessing weekends may be quieter (remembering what traffic patterns were like from my days editing So I’ll keep the big guns for the weekdays and use weekends for “the fillers”. But YOU CAN STILL DONATE!

(And you can tell from the slightly muddy legs I’ve been out cycle again…)

Had this pair of Half Cabs since the last century at least. Does that make them vintage? Vans still make them, but they seem sleeker and less clumpy and more detailed these days. Still, they’ve done me well enough, even though their soles have met a skateboard precisely… twice. And because I have no comprehension of sk8 lingo (see what I did there?) I have no idea a) what a half cab is and b) whether each of the pair is actually a mere quarter cab. Feel free to enlighten me in the comments section.

As of last night £115 has been pledged, which is good going, I feel, for three days, and I haven’t even done the moral blackmail routine on the family yet.

Also, offers of trainers loans have started coming in, with at least two pairs that I definitely wouldn’t normally wear (more on that soon) but will endure for the sake of the challenge.

People round the company have also started taking an interest, with two people popping into the SFX offices yesterday to check I was wearing the trainers I claimed to be wearing. So you can ask @crinolinerobot on Twitter about the veracity of this whole experiment

There’s a phrase I can’t get out of my head: The Great Trainer Robbery. Not sure what it is yet, but somehow, it will happen this year (and be legal). It’s just too good a buzz phrase not to use?

Tomorrow: I’ll show an image of something I won’t be doin for this challenge unless I get at least £200,000…



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