Day 5: An Adventure In Lace And Time

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Jan 5 3

Thanks to David Tennant, Doctor Who and Converse are now irrevocably linked, even though, for some bizarre reason, the Beeb removed the ankle stars from his high-tops. If they have a problem with product placement, why don’t they rip the logos off every car that ever appears in a drama? Thought the days of blanking out brand names disappeared when Biddy Baxter left Blue Peter.

Anyway, wanna see and exclusive behind-the-scenes photo revealing the complex special FX magic that went into the shot?

Jan 5 behind the scenes

And as with all mega special FX blockbusters, it’s the attention to detail that really counts. Such as the skill and effort that went into stopping the laces from succumbing to gravity…

Jan 5 blutack

h16134498Oh, and remember what I said yesterday about I wouldn’t do in the name of this challenge?


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