Day 6: Back To School

The sixth pair of trainers in this 365-day charity challenge are a brand spanking new pair of black plimsolls, to mark the start of the new school term as we leap aboard the Hogwarts Express.

Jan 6

Wonder when the first Care Of Magical Beasts lessons will be? We’ve been taking care of this baby Chinese Firebelly in the office (no wonder the alarms go off so often).

Rather stupidly, I bought these Vans Eras online just after I decided to commit tio this challenge. I mean, I love ’em; matt black, canvas Eras are a design classic. But now that they’ve arrived and taken their place in this challenge … I won’t be able to wear ’em again for a nearly a year. Still, like black Converse All-Stars, I doubt they’ll go out of fashion.

Speaking of black Cons… how sci-fi is this? Trainers hacked to be synthesizers at the ChuckHack event last year. Right, who waiting for the sole music gag?


Yesterday was a good day for pledges (might have had something to do with the image – check it out if you haven’t already) and we’re now up to… drumroll please:


Looks like that £250 barrier is going to be smashed before the end of January and I’m going to have to look like a tit in cycling gear. Go on, you know you want to donate to see that happen.

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Dave G


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