Day 7: Prepare For Cyber Converse-ion

Conversion? Converse-ion? Geddit? Oh, never mind.

Jan 7 2

Today’s lesson: never argue with a Cyberman over the best way to lace your Converse. You will come off worse!

Jan 7 1

These purple Cons for Day 7 in the Sole Of Sci-Fi Charity Challenge (donate here – pretty please) might look new, but I’ve had them ages.  The reason I never wear ’em, is – simply – I don’t particularly like them. They looked better on Amazon (actually, they don’t look that bad in these pics, but take it from me, the stars and chevrons are offensively furry). But you know what it’s like trying to return stuff to Amazon. Such a faff. (That’s the secret of their success – you have to be really committed to make a return!) And oddly, nobody ever wants to take ’em off me at car boot sales. Who’d have thought?

Jan 7 4Got my first comment on the Blog! Thanks Jeyna! But seriously, folks, if you could add comments, click on “Like” and/or Follow this site it all helps spreading the word. Even if you’re too brassic to actually sponsor me, a Like or a Follow will help guide more people to the Blog and hopefully that way I’ll raise more money. After all, where else can you find a midget Cyberman dishing out sartorial criticism? And – as a bit of a teaser – I can promise some Regeneration antics coming up soon (which even I’m not sure how I’m going to pull of yet, but it’ll be great, honest).

Sent the SFX RoboCop special to the printers yesterday. I’ve actually has two deadlines since coming back from Christmas hols – Comic Heroes #22 went to print on 2 Jan. Somehow, I’ve remained sane and kick off this charity challenge at the same time. For anybody interested, after having been immersed in RoboCop-land for two months, I’m optimistic about the film; if anything I’m worried it may be to intelligent a film for people expecting popcorn action. Also, there don’t seem to be enough trainers in it for my liking.

Jan 7 bye byeSaid bye bye to my new Vans last night as they were put back in a box until next year (though the awesome socks will be back). This is one side effect of the challenge I hadn’t thought about: there’s no point buying any new trainers  for the next 10 months, ’cos I’ll only get to wear ’em once, and then they’ll have to be put aside until 2015. Still, it should save me some money, which I can then plough back into the Sole Of Sci Fi charity challenge (because a couple of things I have planned for later in the year will involve some travel costs).

Total so far: still £165 (nobody pledged yesterday, but that’s fair enough after the initial surge)

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Dave G


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