Day 8: Pacific Gym – Jeager Versus Trainer

Into the second week of the 365-day charity challenge, as I endeavour to wear a different pair of trainers for every day of 2014.

Jan 8 new 2

Busy today, so I’ll keep it brief. bove you can see a Lego ’bot that I built at Christmas (yeah, at my age people still buy me Lego and I still love it) and a pair of Asics I acquired when Cycling Plus moved offices a couple of years back have a bit of a Rocky-style training montage. I really like Asics, but rarely buy ’em because they seem designed only for people with inconceivably narrow feet. I’m not mutantly broad in the foot department, but Asics still always seems to a bit too comfy for my liking. These ones are crunching my toes a tad at the mo’ but, hey, it’s all for charity.

The total is now up to £185 – it’d be great to break £200 by the end of the week. Even if you can only donate a pound, that’d be appreciated.

Meanwhile, plans are afoot for “acquiring” more trainers. I’ve been offered the loan of at least 10 pairs now (I’m actually losing count) including a couple of pairs I certainly wouldn’t normally be seen in. I’ve also started approaching shops and suppliers to see if they can help for charity. But the bigger response I get now, the easier it’ll be to get the big guns involved, so please, even if you can’t donate, follow, like, comment and keep checking in on the blog.


Not mine, sadly…

(STOP THE PRESS! Literally as I was writing this Blog I got an offer offer of two more pairs – both Nikes! Which is great because I don’t own any Nikes. I think they’re great, but I’m too stingey to buy ’em. If I was weren’t I’d have Air Max 95s in about 10 different colours. And, yeah, I do realise that – technically – Cons are Nikes these days in a roundabout kinda way, but you know what I mean.)

Jan 8 Heroes of the first week

A quick salute to the foot soldiers who fell in the first week. You may be resurrected come 2015. Or you may go to the shoe bank. There’s probably some metaphor in that, but I’m not sure what.

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Dave G


One thought on “Day 8: Pacific Gym – Jeager Versus Trainer

  1. Rob says:

    SHOES! Looks like it’s going well, if my feet weren’t three sizes bigger than yours I’d have at least, er, two pairs of crappy Converse and a pair of battered hiking boots to lend you.

    Oh well. To the donate-o-tron!

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