Day 25: All Day I Dream About Street Fighter

Adidas trainers on the receiving end of a power move in the latest stage of the 365-day trainer challenge…

Jan 25 main 2

Capcom Versus Adidas today, as this patriotic pair of three stripers suffer a pummeling from Ryu. To be honest, I don’t dream about Street Fighter all day (I’m not telling whether the other famous mneomonic for Adidas applies); I’m so rubbish as games they figure pretty low in my things to think about (apart from Monopoly). I’ve only ever completed two video games without the aid of cheats – Parasol Stars and Kung Fu Panda – which is a terrible admission for the once-editor of Commodore Format. But I do like me a bit of Street Fighter, and Capcom Versus Marvel? Kinda my idea of gaming heaven (I love the Hulk’s special moves).

I’m one of those beat-’em-up players that seasoned beat-’em-up players hate; I hammer the buttons randomly and somehow manage to beat them half the time. Mortal Kombat was always the most generous game for us button bashers back in the day.

Jan 25 btsBecause it proved to be a such a massive hit with you lot last time I gave away my behind-the-scenes secrets (way back on Day 5), here’s another revealing look at the no-expense-spared set-up I’ve got going here. Yes believe it not, no CGI (or indeed any Photoshop trickery) has been used in any of these photos so far. Admit it, you’re amazed.

I was wearing these Adidas the day the Torch came to Bitton

I was wearing these Adidas the day the Torch came to Bitton

The trainers are, in fact, a pair I bought back in 2012. They were chosen specifically because of the red, white and blue colour scheme, and worn when the Olympic Torch was carried right past the house I was living in at the time.

Jan 25 soles 2They’ve since mainly seen duty for squash or badminton, though on the rare occasion I have worn them to work Ian Berriman has been a big fan. Which was a surprise; he rarely comments on sartorial matters. He’s too busy griping about Doctor Who and taking the piss out of me for being a pretend Man City fan. To which my only defence is: at least I’m not a pretend Man United fan. Which is a pretty weak defence. (Hey, I’ve supported Man City since I was about eight, but only ’cos I liked their light blue kit – I could probably only name abuout eight players from that entire time.) These are the only pair of trainers I own where my favourite thing about them is the soles.

The flurry of media activity has resulted in a the loan of more pairs of trainers from various sources. Cycling Plus is turning into a bit of a gold mine, and their editor, Rob Spedding, seems especially enthusiastic in his support. He’s even come up with a cracker of an idea, that I hope I can pull off later in the year, with his help. Oddly, though, like the trainers that came from Triathlon Plus’s free box (I’ve still got a pair of them to use) there’s a green theme going on.

Love your shoes.

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• Please, please, please leave comments below! I’m after ideas for mini-challenges, future photoshoots and how I can find enough pairs of trainers!

Dave G


2 thoughts on “Day 25: All Day I Dream About Street Fighter

  1. Dominic says:

    Great post, Dave! Love seeing how you put the shots together, also interesting to hear when you got them (bit of an Olympics fan myself). I’ve got a pair of brown converse which have seen better days but could surely stand up to being photographed once, I’ll make sure I send them over! Hopefully you can do something with them!

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