Day 36: Robo Stealth Mode UPDATE

Invisible trainers? I’d buy that for a dollar? But as the green Converse head for the RoboCop junket, would you sponsor me for a dollar. Or two?

Feb 5 4 (stealth mode)

Trainers with built-in stealth mode? Cool, huh? But they can leave you a bit disorientated…

Feb 5 2

Yeah, okay, I made a mistake with the exposure and liked the result. But stealth mode Converse? Yeah, I’d buy that for a dollar. Did I mention I’m off to the RoboCop press junket today? (Which is why I’m posting so early – it starts at 9.45am in London and I’m currently still in Bath.) I’ll try to get some shot of stealth Cons in the same room as Gary Oldman or Abbie Cornish. (Also, did you notice the subliminal advertising for the SFX Special Edition I edited? On sale now!)

When not in stealth mode, these are my Forest Green Converse All-Stars. Can’t honestly recall where or when I bought them, but I love the colour.

UPDATE: Finally home after a log day of RoboCop  and West Side Story,  and here’s that mini review I promised

Saw RoboCop on Monday, and I really enjoyed it, with a couple of slight reservations. It’s an intelligent movie, and a canny remake, that doesn’t try to ape the original but does something new and different with the basic premise. It’s very strong in areas action movies aren’t usually very strong in – characters, themes, drama, motivation, acting. Trouble is, I’m not sure that’s what a mainstream audience wants from a RoboCop film, and when it comes to what they do want, it’s a little weak. The action and effects are technically fine, but they lack a wow factor, and this new RoboCop is short on “cool” moments. There are a few, but nothing to compare to, “You’re fired,” or ED-209 blowing a fuse and killing a board member. It’s just a tad too earnest.

But when it’s good, it’s very good, with some fine actors thesping their hearts out. It’s also thought-provoking and captures the nightmare of being the man trapped inside the suit far better than the original.

I genuinely hope I’m wrong about mainstream audiences finding it all too talky and cerebral, because for all its faults I’d rather have blockbuster sci-fi films like this than the vapid Oblivion or the politically simplistic Elysium.

Usual sign-off:

Current total: £435  (another tenner yesterday!)

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Dave G


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