Day 48: The Lost Shoe Size Conspiracy

The second half of a gag set up on Day 13, as the 365-day charity challenge presents a tribute to sci-fi TV’s premier Vans checkerboard slip-on wearer…

Feb 17 a

not-peny's-boat-lost“Not Charlie’s trainers!” No, they’re mine. And Lost’s Charlie Pace never wore an odd pair of Vans checkerboard slip-ons (on-screen at least – he looked like the kind of guy who might well put on odd shoes in a drug-fuelled haze). He was strictly a black and white trainers guy, but, hey, I have to complete a gag that I started on Day 13 of this challenge, so odd shoes for me again.

And what better day than day 48, which comprises the first two numbers in Lost’s famous sequence of numbers: 4, 8, 5, 16, 23 and 42? Hell, it’s the kind of in-joke/mythology-hinting mystery Lost would have done. And Day 42 had a more pressing engagement.


Charlie Pace was, of course, the self-destructive indie rock star played by a Hobbit who wore the indestructible Vans. They seemed to survive their 108 days on the island remarkably well, especially considering how much it rained and how much mud that island produced. He finally parted company with them a couple of episodes before [spoiler warning for a seven year old show] he drowned in an underwater Dharma facility. He dived into the ocean wearing them, when any sensible person would have kicked them off, but it was clearly so we could be given this symbolic, throat-lumpening shot when the currents tugged them from his feet and a lone trainer floated in slow motion to the surface. I half expected them to wash up on shore in the season finale, only for Claire to find them and break down in anguish.

But one thing has always bugged me about Charlie’s Vans, and it concerns their first major appearance in the second half of the pilot, when we discover that Charlie has smuggled some drugs on Oceanic Flight 815 concealed inside them.


Here you can clearly see they say “Size US 8”. Which is a size UK 7. Which is quite small. Now, the fact that Charlie is played by a Hobbit aside (they should be – what? Size 19?), that’s a pretty small shoe size. Dominic Monaghan is a skinny, wee, actor, so he could be a size 7, but he’s listed on various places on the ’net as size 9 which for his average height seems more reasonable. (Then again, he might be exaggerating, because that’s what men do, right? Particularly given what they say about what you can tell about a man from his shoe size.)

So, were these just prop shoes chosen especially because they were size 8 – one of the Lost numbers? The “numbers” (the ones Hurley chose when he won the lottery) weren’t actually introduced until the 18th episode (called, would you believe, “Numbers”) but it’s not inconceivably that the writers of the show were already laying Easter Eggs in the pilot. After all what came first? Flight 815 or the numbers (8 and 15 being two of them)?

Come on Dom. Drop us a line and let us know! You were always my favourite character. And not just for the Vans. Honest.

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