Day 68: Orange Crush Vs The League Of Supertrainers

Introducing Orange Crush! But can his superpowered Mizunos beat a superteam of superhero trainers? Plus, random dinosaur action!

March 9 main 2

Meet the new supervillain on the block – Orange Crush, with his radioactive Mizuno trainers. Based on a Golden Era character called Sunny Delight, his tough new image includes projective pip power and the ability to make his enemy’s fingers spontaneously super sticky, so that they daren’t touch anything for fear of being held fast.

But have no fear! A legion of supertrainers are on their way later in the blog to defeat him.

What a bizarre pair of trainers these are! Another pair on loan, they are Mizuno runners, that look oddly deformed. It’s not just the unnecessarily wonky lacing; the top-cap area is really bulbous making it look like you’ve got weirdly flipper-like feet.

March 9 two-shot

March 9 Dynamotion 2The label on the tongue reveals that the style is called “Wave Evo Cursoris” which I swear is a spell in Harry Potter. But more intriguingly, the writing on the inner soles claim they are DynamotionFit, which I originally misread as Dynamation, the name stop-motion genius gave to his style of movie special effect. You know the kind of thing I mean… Dynamotion meet Dynamation.

But enough of this prattling. There’s a supervillain to be defeated. Who ya gonna call? The Legion Of Supertrainers, of course.

We all know that Converse  churn out DC superhero All-Stars at an alarming rate and Marvel appeals to have sealed a deal with Vans, but there have been some other surprising (sometimes garish, sometimes quite cool) official superhero trainers from other companies that you amy not be so familiar with.

Nike Air Force One Downtown Iron Man


Nike Fantastic Four Collection


Reebok Ventilator X Marvel Captain America


Reebok X Wonder Woman


Adidas Hellboy


UBIQ Batman


Nike Batman And Robin

Batman and robin



Nike Wolverines


Under Armour Batman and Superman American Football Boots

US football

Nike Magneto

And finally, these days magneto flips between anti-hero and villain,  but how could we not include the Holy Grail of superhero trainers? They’re magnetic! Look at those paper clips sticking them!



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