Day 76: The League Of Irish Shoe-perheroes

A Saint Patrick’s Day edition of the 365-day charity challenge. 

March 17 eMarch 17 a

Yesterday, I was on a tube train in London, when suddenly the carriage was filled with people wearing garish wigs, face paint, bizarre hats and fake beards.

Now, if you follow this blog you’ll know I was at London Comic Con yesterday, so you presumably think I’m talking about the Cosplayers.

Leicester Tigers v London Irish Rugby Union Aviva Premiership, Welford Road, Leicester, Britain - 23 Nov 2013Actually I’m talking about Irish Rugby fans. The Underground was heaving with them. And they were unwittingly demonstrating with little room for argument that’s there’s actually very little difference between sports geeks and sci-fi geeks, however much they might want to deny the fact. They like dressing up as much as we do!

Though they didn’t have anything as cute as LSCC’s Cosplay cometition’s baby Ant-Men – apologies for the thumb in shot; I’m not used to where the lens is on my new iPhone yet (which, by the way, is clearly in A STUPID PLACE because I never got my thumb in shot with my old Android phone… //sighs with nostalgia//).

Still, with all that Irish action yesterday, and today being St Patrick’s day, I thought I’d have an Irish flag theme to the main picture.

I haven’t forgotten the laces on today’s pair of Cons – they’re actually designed that way. I was going to do a “Lace-Off” gag with them at some point, but I needed a white pair for today’s photo. I’ve had ’em for years, but rarely wear ’em, as ’m not sure the whole laceless look actually works…

And in case you missed the Tweet yesterday (what, you don’t hang on my every word?), while at LSCC I got top comic artist David Lloyd to doodle on the trainers I was wearing yesterday. So now, they’ve been pimped with an image of V from the very man who drew V For Vendetta.

V trainersDavid Lloyd was a bit bemused by the request at first (he admitted it was the oddest thing he’d ever been asked to personalise with some art) before demonstrating that he had the raw talent to work on this site by suggesting the work be called “V For Verruca”.  I’ll be auctioning this pair with proceeds to the charity (Alzheimer’s Research UK) imminently.

And while we’re in an Irish frame of mind, here are the top five Irish (or of Irish descent) superheroes:

5 Captain America


Yep, Marvel’s all-American hero is actually the son of Irish immigrants. In a bit of early ’90s retconning in a story called “The First Flight Of The Eagle” (in The Adventures Of Captain America #1 written by Fabien Nicieza) we learned that Steve Rogers parents moved to the USA from the Emerald Isle. So does that explain why there’s a bar in Dublin called Captain Americas, or is that just coincidence?

4 Siryn


Theresa Cassidy is the daughter of X-Man Sean Cassidy, which may be a bit of a spoiler about who’s coming up later. She inherited her father’s sonic powers, but thankfully not his Darby O’Gill And The Little People accent.

3 Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner-flavoured)


Well, he has an Irish mother! (His father was Latin American). Rayner became the latest Green Lantern in 1994, and you can’t help wondering if DC made him half Irish because of the colour of the costume?

2 Shamrock


Marvel skirted with Irish politics when they introduced Molly Fitzgerald, aka, Shamrock in 1982’s Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions#1. Her father was a fanatically militant Irish nationalist who prayed to Irish gods that one of his children be blessed with the power to overcome his enemies. Molly got those powers: a protective aura that caused random improbabilities to manifest themselves on her behalf whenever she was in trouble (the luck of the Irish? Geddit? Oh dear…). She became Shamrock. Which makes you wonder if Marvel would have called a Welsh superhero the Leek? Or the Daffodil, perhaps?

1 Banshee


The original Irish X-Men, Sean Cassidy was super-Irish when he first appeared in his green costume, smoking a pipe, spouting dialogue that was to the Irish what Dick Van Dyke was to Cockneys. Various deaths and losses of power of made him somewhat less of a caricature (he didn’t always insist on green) you can always guarantee a “top of the mornin’ to ye!” isn’t far off each time he’s resurrected.


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Dave G


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