Day 91: C-Through-PO

Nike’s latest secret weapon in the war of the sneakers…

April 1st main


“Just see through it!” is the advertising tag line that Nike oddly didn’t use for its latest high concept range of trainers, the Nike Storm Invisibles.

Fantastic_Four_350I say range, but it’s not like they come in too many different styles – you have a choice of the Griffin, the McCallum or the Richards, but the only difference is the translucent Swoosh is a slightly different hint of a colour. The ones I’m wearing – donated by an old mate Sebastian Caine (who’s clearly got more money than sense if he can spend £150 on trainers you can hardly see) – are the Richards, which you’d think should be blue; well I assume they’re named after Sue in the Fantastic Four. Than again, in Marvel’s latest relaunch of Fantastic Four they are wearing red costumes, so maybe someone at Nike had a tip-off.

Love the subtle names for the other two styles as well. Can you work out the connection?

Nike claims the Storm Invisibles have been made “unstable molecule” technology, but that’s clearly a load of bull.

Talking of comics, it’s the deadline for Comic Heroes #23 tomorrow, and it’s shaping up to be a very good issue. There has been a subtle change of tone this time round with some very different kinds of features introduced.

People often claim that there’s no place for magazines in the internet age, but having edited a website and various magazines, I know that there are things magazines can do that the internet doesn’t do very well. The internet is good at “just the facts, ma’am,” but pretty hopeless at in-depth analysis, investigative reports, proper meaty interviews and presenting images in the most flattering ways.

So, in an upcoming issue expect a hard-hitting investigation into why comic artists seem to love drawing women like they were born with severe spinal deformities. Presumably it’s a result of their breasts being so freakishly large.


Fantastic day for the charity donations yesterday with a sudden leap of £85! Thank you to everyone who donated yesterday. I hope you inspire some more generosity!


Ha fooled you! Well, probably not. But just to prove I haven’t been cheating on the challenge, here’s what I’ve really been wearing all day (they truly don’t go with red checked socks…).

April 1st





Current total: £685 (very many thanks Jayne Nelson, Sara Dobbs and Gill McBurney)

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Dave G






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