Day 96: The Tread Wedding

The Sole Of Sci-Fi celebrates the return of Game Of Thrones, with a massacre!

April 6 d

It’s a massacre! With Game Of Thrones season four about to premiere (tonight in the US, tomorrow in the UK) here’s The Sole Of Sci-Fi’s homage to one of the most memorable scenes in the series so far – the Red Wedding. With apologies to anyone who hasn’t seen season three yet; I’ve just gone and spoiled the fact that there’s a big party where everyone spills tomato ketchup over their shoes.

April 6 head on a stick

I love me a bit of Game Of Thrones. Bizarrely, I am never in the mood to watch it – I always have to force myself to watch each episode – yet within minutes I’m totally drawn in and loving it. I think I’m just scared what traumatic twist it might throw at me next.

Never read the books. Don’t intend to until the series has finished because I can’t imagine what watching the show must be like if you know what’s coming. Sure, I know enough A Song Of Ice And Fire fans who are loving the show despite (in a broad sense) knowing what’s going to happen, but hell (and all of them are creditably tight lipped) but now that I’ve come so far with the TV version, I’m happy to endure the revelation-quakes at a small screen pace.

Actually I did ask my mate Rob Power to divulge one spoiler about season four, mainly because I’d kinda worked out dramatically where one plot thread was going. I’m not sure if I’m glad I’m right or not, and I wish I hadn’t asked now, because it means I will be watching one character in a different frame of mind now.

But hurrah for Game Of Thrones, a show that’s made us feel sympathy for a incestuous would-be child murderer. A show that truly has proven that size doesn’t matter. A show that made skinning a dear the most mesmerising thing on TV that year. A show that has given Dame Diana Rigg her greatest role since Mrs Peel. A show with dragons with attitude.

I’m going to play a drinking game this year. A swig every time somebody is separated from a piece of their anatomy. I think I may be writing a few of these blogs with hangovers.

And how red are those Adidas?

Off for a cycle now. Freelance to do later in the day. Ought to do some commissioning for Comic Review too. What an exciting Sunday I have planned, eh?

See you tomorrow.


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