Day 116: Jurassic Park – Welcome To Isla Sole-na

The DNA of some prehistoric* trainers was used to create today’s soul of sci-fi presentation… (* well, 1984)

April 2 b

(This blog would have been called “Peggy Shoe Got Married” but all the ideas I had for a photo were too embarrassing to carry through…)

In 1984 Adidas had got it pegged. Sadly time wasn’t on Nike’s side. The “adjustable peg cushioning system” was a gimmick with a limited life because Nike came up with an even more successful “cushioning” gimmick – making their signature air cushion visible! So the “adjustable peg cushioning system” was consigned to history. Until, of course, it became “retro chic” and more of a fashion statement than a way of making your trainers more comfortable.

Thing is, I recall when Adidas trainers with mutlicoloured pegs were the coolest kicks in the playground. But I don’t remember anyone ever adjusting them. You could, in theory, take them out and swap the around for a more comfortable walking/running experience. I’m pretty sure nobody ever did. Oh, sure, with your first pair you’d immediately check that you could pull them out, but it wasn’t easy, and the difference you could feel was next to imperceptible, you couldn’t arsed experimenting with ’em more than once.

But hurrah! Like the dinos in Jurassic Park, Adidas managed to resurrect the pegs – and the LA Trainer range – for a new generation. And Here I am wearing a pair. And no, I haven’t been tempted to play with the pegs.

proofingAnyway, I’m at the office now. Another weekend wiped out by that stupidly short deadline on the latest SFX special. Have I mentioned that before? But, cross fingers, it looks like we may actually hit deadline thanks to a Herculean effort from the small but dedicated team. You should see the pile of proofing I have to plough through tomorrow, though. It’s as daunting as embarking on the latest Ice And Fire novel.

Usual Sign -Off:

• Current total: £745 

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Cheers Dave G



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