Day 117: The Not-So Giant Robot And The Secret Tardis

The internet’s only sneakers-meet-sci-fi blog makes an amazing discovery…

April 27 main Robot Warmley Waiting Room trainers left

It’s spooky coincidence time.

This morning I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I’ve shot a few too many Sole Of Sci-Fi photos in my garden or on the office recently, so  it was time to go on location again (after all, the Brighton Beach shot turned out particularly well – see Day 82).

So, accompanied by my travelling companion – a Giant Robot from Doctor Who who’s seen the wrong end of a tissue compression eliminator – I cycled a couple of miles to Warmley Waiting Room, an old railway station that’s been converted to a cafe that’s on the Bath to Bristol cycle path. The platform is now populated by some metal, 2D sculptures of passengers waiting for a ghost train that’ll never come. I thought they’d look suitably sci-fi. Actually, I find them slightly chilling and mournful, but that probably says something more about me than the artist.

I’ve cycled past Warmley Waiting Room hundreds of times, but never actually stopped there for a coffee; it’s too near home, so I’m never thirsty by that point. On the way there this morning, for some odd reason, I started thinking about the Tardis I once part-owned for a very brief period. (Actually, I was thinking the other guy still owed me £50 from when we had to hire a van to transport the blimmin’ thing, and wondering whether I could con… er, convince him to donate it to Sole Of Sci-Fi, but that’s another matter.) I genuinely haven’t thought about that Tardis for years.

Then I arrive at Warmley Waiting Room, cycled up onto the platform, and see – for the first time – that there’s a garden and seating area behind the station building. And in that garden is… a Tardis!

April 27 Long shot Robot Wall Tardis Warmley Waiting Room

There was also a rabbit hutch, but I yet to confirm if it contained the bemused bunny that featured in “The Day Of The Doctor”.

But how weird. I had a Doctor Who-themed photo panned which then became even more Doctor Who-themed by complete accident. I did try getting a photo of the trainers (which are on loan from Russell Lewin, by the way), the robot and the Tardis all in one shot but that proved… erm, challenging. Especially with no assistant. I need my own Leela (I’ve often thought so). Then we could also discuss why the robot looks bigger in this photo, and yet is still small enough to fit in the Tardis.

April 27 Robot closer wall Tardis

Believe me, getting him to stand up on the wall was a feat in itself. He’s a bit top-heavy and there was a lot of this taking place…

April 27 fall

The rest of the day will mostly be taken up by proofing the next SFX special, though I also have to get packed for a week’s cat sitting for my friends Simon and Shirley in Bath while they’re off on holiday. One of the cats, Lily, looks the spitting image of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. There will be photographic evidence.

April 26 aFinally, I’m happy to part with yesterday’s Adidas trainers for £15 (postage included) to the first person who Tweets me wanting them. They’re £65 new. They have been worn, but they’re in incredibly good nick as you can see form the photo, with very little wearing on the soles. They’re eight-and-a-halves but I think they’re on the small size, so if you’re an eight they should be fine. Proceeds will be ploughed back into the challenge.

Have a sole-ful Sunday!

Usual Sign -Off:

• Current total: £745 

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• Please, please, please leave comments below! I’m after ideas for mini-challenges, future photoshoots and how I can find enough pairs of trainers!

Cheers Dave G


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