Day 125: Tron “Leg”-acy

Feel free to groan at that pun. And feel free to sponsor me too…

May 5th main 2

Bloody light cycles, always getting under your feet. They might be nippy enough to avoid you, but you end up tripping over their solid light trails all the time.

Gotta admit, Tron is one of those films I like in theory more than in practice. My memory has a way of filtering all out all the dull bits so that if I haven’t watched it for  few months, all I can remember are the cool set pieces. Then I watch it again and realise that vast tracts of the film are simply immensely dull. But the light cycle scene is undoubtedly one of sci-fi cinema’s greatest ever sequences.

The shoes are a pair of Adio, which I assumed was Spanish for “knock-off Vans” (especially as I picked them up in TK Maxx for next to nothing). A bit of research, though, reveals that Adio is a kosher US skate brand launched in 1998 by pro skater Chris Miller. They’re okay – I like the colour scheme – but they do have very odd furry soles. I’m not kidding. They feel like cheap suede. Maybe it helps you grip your board, or sommat, but Vans have survived decades on good old rubber.

On the other hand, it’s giving me some ideas for paving in the garden…

May 5 crazy paving

I’ll be out in the garden quite  bit today, hacking back more bamboo. Oh, what a trad way to spend a bank holiday Monday.

April 30 opening the sand crawlerI also keep forgetting to mention (so I’ll do it now while it’s on my mind), Rhian Drinkwater dropped me a line identifying Day 120’s Sand Crawler as a Happy Meal toy, and she’s pretty sure the R2D2 came with it too. A lot of people thought it was a Micro Machine, but it definitely isn’t. The Happy Meal explanation seems most likely at the moment.

In The Flesh was absolutely fab last night, especially the first few minutes. It wasn’t quite as good as series one, though, I thought. The tone was a little too flippant at times and two of the performances – the female MP and Amy new’s boyfriend – were very broad compared to the almost Ken Loach approach to the acting last year. But it was still absolutely gripping, surprising, gritty and thought provoking. I’m just worried about going online and finding that because the show wasn’t quite as good, internet punditry has gone into its usual hyperbolic mode, claiming that it’s now “crap” and “not a patch” and a “travesty”, etc, etc, etc…

sad kittenHad a massive day on Twitter and Facebook yesterday with literally hundreds of retweets, likes, favourites and shares for the Star Wars homage. Which is nice. But it didn’t actually  translate into any new sponsorship. I think I’m going to have to start turning up the guilt trip element. And using sad kitten more too…

Finally, in the “you couldn’t make it up” department, I saw this on the news this morning…

May 5 bug

Scientists are fitting praying mantises with 3D glasses to see if they’ll strike out at films of flies. Is it just me or does it look like the mutant child of Woody Allen and a Gremlin? Bet it can’t wait for Pixar to make a 3D version of A Bug’s Life (which, despite its parentage, is still preferable to Antz).

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