Day 126: A Stormy Knight’s Templar

Impressive blades. You should see what I’ve got got hidden up my trouser legs (ooh-er, missus!)

May 6 main

Okay, okay, today’s headline is really stretching things a bit, but trying to get a pun out of Assassin’s Creed totally beat me. So… the trainers are a pair of Peter Storms (that doesn’t mean they belong to Peter Storm; that’s an “outdoor” label beloved of Blacks and Millets) and Assassin’s Creed is all about the Knights Templar. Geddit? Erm, if it needs explaining it’s clearly not much good, is it?

But bear with me. You’ve had a run of classic Sole Of Sci-Fi entries over the past week, so I think I can take my, erm, foot off the pedal for a couple of days and just make a photoshoot out of the first thing I see in the office in the morning (this guy belongs to Jordan). The trainers are the last ones from the Pete Bayly Collection, by the way, though he has said he’s sending down one more pair! The hero.

Besides, I’ve had very few new donations recently, so it does make me wonder if I should be putting so much effort into these blogs. Admittedly hits (and Twitter and Facebook reactions) have been huge over this bank holiday weekend, but it’s not translating into money. That is not an attempt to guilt trip anybody who’s donated already into giving more; I’ve just got to convert a few more people into donors, and maybe there are other ways of doing that? I certainly have some plans.

Although I’ve finally seen the back of my double deadline, today is still going to be an… interesting day at work. Can’t say anything now, but I’ll have some pretty big news in tomorrow’s blog.

Finally for today, here are a couple of things I kept meaning to Tweet about over the last week, but cats leaping on my keyboard discouraged me from doing so. Just completely random sci-fi-ness.

May 6 Notomob

The BBC’s Parking Mad featured the NotoMob, a bunch of motorcyclist in V For Vendetta masks whose modus operandi is to warn motorists about hidden traffic enforcement cameras, in the belief that the local council uses driving fines a revenue generator.

Why V masks? I’ve been thinking about this. If their cause succeeds, then the council won’t have the money to enforce the road laws, and so drivers will be free to drive however they like, flouting all rules and regulations. In other words – highway anarchy in the UK!

And you thought V was a mixed up when it came to morality?

May 6 Doctor Who

On Casualty on Saturday, the nurses gave a young Doctor Who fan a treat… by giving him a private screening of that rare episode with Matt Smith opening credits set to classic era music. Still, the episode was called, “Who Cares?”

See you tomorrow.

Usual Sign-Off:

• Current total: £770 (some of the PayPal funds for trainer sales has now been released)

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• Please, please, please leave comments below! I’m after ideas for mini-challenges, future photoshoots and how I can find enough pairs of trainers!

Cheers Dave G


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