Day 129: The Secret Origin Of The Adidas Three Stripes

At last, The Sole Of Sci-Fi can reveal the shocking truth…

May 9 main wolverine


Yes, it’s true. Adidas were producing plain, featureless trainers before Wolverine and Juggernaut had a fight in one of their factories back in ’49. One swipe of those claws across the side of a pristine pair and a legend was born, when Mr Dassler thought, “Hey, those parallel rips look well wicked, man!”

Of course, Sole Of Sc-Fi wasn’t there, but we believe that old guy we met down the pub. The one who sold us the Statue Of Liberty and the miracle hair growth pills. We’ve put together the stunningly accurate reproduction above based on his account. Russell Lewin’s battered Adidas are mere stunt doubles, but Wolverine is real. Honest.

Another quick one today as the Comic Review deadline is way behind schedule. The second Eurovision heat sadly featured few sci-fi or fantasy crossovers, though the Georgian entry seemed to have been generated in an alternate reality where musical notes are arranged in a different order. It was classic Eurovision, though, with a bearded lady from Austria, some smut from Poland, a bit of a knees-up from Switzerland and a gothic, skin-tight rubber version of a music box ballerina from Lithuania.

May 9 eurovision 2014 lithuania

I voted for Switzerland (they had a bango!) but to my own surprise, I ended up really liking the Finnish boy band too (they were so Busted… if you see what I mean). I’ve managed to predict the winner correctly for the past two years, and I’ve got a feeling Finland may do better than anyone is expecting. Maybe I should actually place a bet this year? Actually, the UK entry is pretty strong too, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll get anywhere near the leaders…

Usual Sign-Off:

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Cheers Dave G


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