Day 132 (Part Two): An All-Star X-Men Premiere

Live(ish) from Leicester Square, The Sole Of Sci-Fi walks the red… erm, blue carpet at the Days Of Future Past premier


You probably guessed if saw this pic I Tweeted earlier as a clue…

May 12 Magneto and Converse

I was at the X-Men: Days Of Future Past UK premier tonight,  wearing Jordan’s suede Converse All-Stars as I walked down the blue carpet in Leicester Square. The legendary Jayne Nelson was there too, getting very excited at the idea of being in the same room as Gandalf and Gollum (Andy Sirkis was in attendance as well.)

The film’s great fun, with some awesome action scenes and some wonderful moments of humour. Didn’t like it quite as much as First Class, but it’s not far off. Was geekily pleased to see Iceman doing his ice-slide thing in the first big fight scene. And there’s a Quicksilver scene that had a huge round of applause. But it’s a tad talky and the time travel elements make little sense, but then again when do they? McAvoy is superb as an angsty Xavier. The effortlessly cool Fassbender somehow manages not to look like a tit in a cloak and a tin bucket. But it’s a bit talky and slow in places with a couple of “character” scenes that could easily have been trimmed because they just seemed to be saying the same things twice over. And Storm was completely wasted. Again. But definitely worth seeing.

Here’s a few people who were in the audience with us, who you might recognise (on the far right is Jonathan Ross, who seems to have been sent to the naughty step).

Naughty step

Ian McKellan also managed to pull… (He actually genuinely said he’d brought Michael Fassbender as his date because Patrick Stewart had brought his wife.)

Two Magnetos 1

Fassbender even gave a little skip as he was lead away.

Two Magnetos

Wesley  Snipes also turned up, but we’re not sure why…

Wesley Snipes

There was some pretty darned good cosplay too.


So there you go. Sole Of Sci-Fi at the movies. I would wibble on longer, but it’s really late and I really should try and post Day 132’s blog on Day 132.

And anyway, after two pics of two Magnetos copping off with each other, who needs to hear me droning on?

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