Day 162: Weapon AsiX

Some people will do anything to avoid buying a train ticket…

June 11 wolverine

Donate buttonIt’s okay for Logan. He’s got claws. I’m just trying to dig my heels in, and not really succeeding. Next time I decide to take a Japanese bullet train, I think I’ll travel in the carriage, and not on top of it. Aside from anything else, you can barely move on the roof for fear of being skewered on a Ninja sword.

Gotta admit, when it comes to train-top superhero slugfests, Spider-Man 2 did such a superlative job back in  2004 (if you ignore the fact that New York doesn’t actually have a raised railway like the one in the film – it has subways), you’d think that subsequent superflicks would want to avoid any comparisons. But no, The Wolverine was brave/stupid enough to try. Aside from the interesting decision to have the scene play out with no incidental music – the sound of the rushing train and bodies bouncing off metal provide the only soundtrack at this point – it’s all a bit humdrum, to be honest. Spidey Vs Doctor Octopus, despite a few not-aged-well effects, is a lot more fun.

Okay. I’m wibbling. That’s because, once again, I haven’t got much to blog about. Life is all, “Wake up, do blog, cycle to the office, work on three mags simultaneously, cycle home from work, collapse  in exhaustion,” at the moment. About the most exciting thing that happened yesterday was that I found this image below while researching pics for a Cosmic Marvel of the ’70s feature, and I could’t help doctoring the word bubble. Don’t blame me. Jim Starlin was the one who drew his hands like that!

Walock's willy

Puerile humour aside – what a fantastic image! I actually owned this comic when I was a kid, but for some mad reason sold it when I was a teenager to raise funds to buy a ZX Spectrum or something. Regretting it now, but getting very nostalgic re-immersing myself in ’70s Marvel marvellousness again. I genuinely prefer comics art from back then to now. As long as it’s not Sal Buscema. Although even Sal could look good when inked by the likes of Klaus Johnson, Tom Palmer, Joe Sinnott or Terry Austin. In fact, I think Austin is one of my all-time comic heroes; he could make any layout artist look the business and his work on the Claremont/Byrne X-Men era is massively undervalued. After all compare these two images, the first Byrne inked by Austin:

x-men japan

And the spread below from Fantastic Four in which Byrne inked his own pencils. It’s the same colourist, by the way – Glynis Wein – so that’s not the problem. The problem is – Byrne doesn’t ink very well. It’s all messy and overfussy and muddy (though admittedly the problem is exacerbated slightly by the difference in scan quality but you can still see the point I’m making). Actually, he was good at mud…

Fantastic Four258-02-03

Ah, that’s enough Byrne bashing. He was a genius when he was at the top of his game, and for a period his name on a comic would guarantee I’d buy it. But I never liked his inking, and as his reputation grew he had the power to do what he damned well liked, and that included doing all his own inking. You can’t blame him. Who wouldn’t want as much control as possible over their own work?

On the other hand, I’d love to have Terry Austin work his magic over one of my scribbles. I bet he could make even me look good.

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