Day 164: Why Shoe Serious?

The joke’s on shoe, as the Sole Of Sci-Fi world tour visits Gotham to say hello to the residents of Arkham A-sole-lem…

june 13 main

There were two ways to go with this pair of Vans slip-ons. As they’re covered in Vans’ patented “Skate Monkey” design (which would have been cool if Jamie Hewlett had designed it but instead looks likeMickey Mouse circa Steamboat Willy trying to look cool and failing) this is what first came to mind…


He did after all “skateboard” on a cloud. Kinda. Sorta. (And no, if you don’t know what that picture’s from, I’m not telling you. Use Google image search and prepare for a major cultural revelation.)

But I couldn’t find a decent image from that legendary show, so short of dangling out of a ballon on a bungee rope so I could pretend I was standing on a cloud (or nicking all the candy floss from the nearest fairground, which is what the Japanese TV producers seem to have done) it was time to come up with another idea.

June 13 close-up

Heath_Ledger_as_the_JokerAnd since these trainers are very purple and very green, it seemed only fitting to pay tribute to the Clown Prince Of Crime, since those are his colours of sartorial choice. Hell, even the oh so serious Heath Ledger version went for a purple and green combo though it would appear he was going for the “first thing off the rack at Oxfam” look.

So, Friday 13th. No disasters yet, but there’s plenty of time left for things to go worng (see what I did there? It’s a Westworld reference by the way, not a typo).

And I saw a hot air balloon taking taking off on the way into work this fine morning. So here’s a photo of it, because it’s about a zillion times more interesting than football.

photo (15)

Usual Sign-Off

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