Day 166: Close Encounters Of The Shoe Kind

Shoes are not alone. They come in pairs…

June 15 main

The Sole Of Sci-Fi looks like it’s about to get an anal probe in today’s close encounter. The aliens must have used up all the cows.

Gotta admit, I’m loving today’s trainers. They’re the final pair of the latest batch donated by the Future Sports mags, and I saved the best till last. They’re not garish as hell for a start! Another pair of orange and blue Project Izumi runners, they’re similar to the pair I wore on Day 146, only even more orange! If I’d known these were coming my way I’d have saved the Portal gag. for today. On the other hand, after Misfits, the next most orangey image from sci-fi that came to mind was this classic scene from Close Encounters.

And, because I know they amuse you, here’s another in my occasional behind-the-scenes series…

June 15 behind the scenes

Anyone else remember the ghastly disco version of the Close Encounters theme? This was actually included on one release of the Official Soundtrack. Presumably Spielberg decided against reinstating the alien nightclub scene in the Special Edition.

Talking of the Special Edition, did anyone think that  seeing inside the alien mothership at the end was the most pointless waste of $1.5 million in Hollywood history (aside from the silly hats budget on Eternals)?

Close Encounters

Mothership interior or Jean Michel Jarre live?

Instead of extra “Wow!” it somehow diminishes the power the climax. It’s also one of the rare special editions that shorter than the theatrical cut, because Spielberg cuts some character moments from earlier in the film. This included a couple of small moments  I really liked – including Roy (Richard Dreyfuss) becoming fascinated by his pillow, and some shots of him throwing bricks, bushes and wire through an open window into his house so that he can build the model of Devil’s Towers.

Spielberg later decided the Special Edition wasn’t up to scratch, and in 1998 created another version of Close Encounters for the Collector’s Edition DVD release. This blended the best of the new scenes from the special edition with the theatrical cut, but ignored the mothership interior. All three versions were made available as part of the beautiful 30th anniversary edition, which also includes a handy infographic of the differences between the three different versions.

Spielberg also pissed about with ET (famously CGing out all the guns and replacing them with walkie-talkies) but oddly has yet to release a special edition of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom with Willie digitally replaced by something less irritating. Like Jar Jar Binks or someone scraping their fingernails on a blackboard…

Off for a cycle now. See you tomorrow

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2 thoughts on “Day 166: Close Encounters Of The Shoe Kind

  1. mel says:

    Hi Dave, I met you at the lansdown car boot sale last week and we bought two pairs of trainers for my son. Could you please contact me as the expensive pair fell apart within a day or two. Is it possible for him to exchange these please? Your campaign seems to be going well and is a lot of fun, we’re spreading the word. Thanks, Mel

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