Day 171: Welcome To The DC Shoe-niverse

A Sole Of Sci-Fi blog with a difference today… It’s a quick quiz!

June 20 main

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Back to the trusty DC shoes/DC superheroes gag again. But forgive me if today’s blog lacks a little in imagination. It’s my last Friday in full employment at Future and I have three mags to produce (or largely produce) before I leave next week, so things are a little fraught.

(And yes, there has been a little bit of Photoshopping to stretch my legs in the image. It’s not vanity – I quite like my chunky calves! But if I left my legs in their right proportions my knees only came to half way up the various superheroes’ shins. It looked really odd. Well that’s my excuse for skinny-legged Dave today, anyway.)

So I thought I’d make up for any lack originality by turning today’s blog into a fun quiz. Well, a quiz at least.

Can you identify all the DC superheroes in the line up? That doesn’t include me – I’m not a DC Superhero. I am simply Shoe-perman.

See you again tomorrow for a longer blog. Possibly. Unless today goes really badly.

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