Day 173: Converse All-Starship Troopers

The trouble with a good summer is all the bugs that start coming out

June 22 main

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Know your enemy: as I explained way back on Day 47, today’s trainers are actually a pair of Converse Star Players, not All Stars (or, indeed, One Stars). But after a few attempts to make “Converse Star Player-ship Troopers” work, I just gave up.

Not sure the photo quite works, either, so here’s another one I knocked up quickly, just for the hell of it.

June 22 b

Basically, the idea is bugs getting crushed underfoot. If I were Paul Verhoeven, I’d probably try to claim there’s some kind of satirical method to my madness, but I won’t. It’s too early on a Sunday. And, as ever, I have freelance to get on with if the sun doesn’t tempt me outside.

Which is what happened yesterday. After spending an hour our so at the office packing the inordinate amount of crap I’ve accumulated over the years into boxes, ready to take home on my final day next Thursday, I went back to bamboo hacking duties in the garden. Actually, there’s more sawing than hacking involved at this point, and after three hours, I’d removed a mere three square foot of the stuff. It’s tough work. You have to eliminate it clear to the roots, otherwise the bloody stuff just grows back at a stunning rate. I’m not kidding – it can send up a new shoot four or five feet in a week.

But I’m winning.


And last night, I watched the season two premier of Defiance (which was great, despite a sudden fetish for hand job gags) and the series premier of angelic wars drama Dominion. With corny dialogue (“You are the Chosen One!”), angel effects that didn’t look that much more impressive than the Hawkmen in Flash Gordon and costume designs that Tarsem Singh would have rejected, it was a symphony of cruddiness. Okay, the film was utter drivel, so why should we expect anything different? Looks like the Buffy effect is destined to remain a one-off.

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