Day 175: Just Don’t Do It

A little bit of politics for the latest installment of the 365-day charity challenge

June 24 main

Donate button You know what? If it came to a choice between an evil intergalactic megalomaniac and Nigel Farage, I think I might just vote Saxon. I’m still not sure that David Cameron isn’t The Master, to be honest, just playing the long game. Michael Gove is clearly the more likely alien, but he’s more of an emotionless Vulcan. Either that or he’s Data’s evil brother, Lore, masquerading as a Ferengi.

simm-the-masterI know I’m in the minority of Who fans when I say I loved the John Simm version of The Master. Hell, even John Simm says he wished he could have played him straighter. But the Master-as-the-Joker incarnation clicked with me. He was like an irrepressible force of nature; as if the evil pressure that had been bottle up for years in the body of that awfully nice Professor Yana, was now erupting with uncontrollable ferocity.

I didn’t even mind when he developed superpowers in Tennant’s swan song (I think I just liked the image of the Master in a hoodie). His standout moments for me, though, were him playing “Voodoo Child” to accompany the Toclafane invasion of Earth in “The Sound Of Drums”, then manically pushing the ancient Doctor around in wheelchair to the accompaniment of The Scissor Sisters in “Last Of The Time Lords”. Maybe I just wanted a rock star Master…?

To me it was just great to have a different take on the Doctor’s best enemy. Loved Roger Delgado. Thought Anthony Ainley was a respectable replacement (despite the stick-on beard that always seemed to be trying to leap off his face). But they were very similar. Whereas each actor to play the Doctor is encouraged to put his own spin on the character, Ainley’s Master was clearly supposed to be the same interpretation of the Master, and any differences in performance were merely minor degrees of interpretation. It was great to have a really different Master, and hopefully the next one will be different again. How about a female Master? [Ducks and runs for cover]

Usual Sign-Off

• Current total: £1,000 (come on, let’s forge on into that second century!)

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