Day 179: Marvel Shoe-niverse Goes Cosmic

Sole Of Sci-Fi suddenly remembers that the World Cup is on…

June 28 main



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Sometimes I don’t know what I actually own. While doing some picture research for the last issue of Comic Heroes– which has tons of stuff about Guardians Of The Galaxy, you may not be surprised to hear – I discovered I actually own a really early appearance of Star-Lord  in Marvel Spotlight #4 from 1980 and a bunch of Guardians Of The Galaxy comics form 1976.

The irony being that although Star-Lord is the star of new Marvel movie, he had nowt to do with the Guardians at that point. He would actually guard the galaxy officially until 2008. In fact, the Guardians of the movie bear little resemblance to the original comic Guardians, being instead largely based on that 2008 line-up that also introduced Groot and Rocket Raccoon to the series.

And if you think a talking raccoon and walking tree are pretty weird, the earlier team wasn’t exactly dull either. It boasted a woman with flaming hair and Star Hawk (no relation) who regularly used to swap sex.

MartinexPersonally, though, my favourite was Martinex, partly because he was the original bling superhero (he had a body made out of crystal) and partly because I assumed he must be related to Professor X.

Anyway, I’m now hoping that  Guardians Of The Galaxy goes on to become the biggest movie ever made in the history of history so my comics all increase in value exponentially so I can sell them and retire to a small island in the Caribbean where I can write and self publish really bad comics about superhero ghosts. Or something.

Anyway, off to the (old) office now to pick up all the stuff I left behind before I left. There’s quite a lot…

See you tomorrow.

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