Day 189: The Dark Trainers: What Was Unlaced And Undone

“Another Great Conjunction coming up! Anything could happen!” Yeah, anything but a Dark Crystal sequel it seems…

July 8 main

The Skeksis seem to have lost their Dark Crystal, but found a bit of sole as a replacement. Which means the prophecy needs a bit of rewriting: “When single shines the triple sun/What was unlaced and undone/Shall be whole, the two made one/By gelfling hand or else by none.” Erm, not sure about these great Nike hi-tops being merged into one. It’ll make them bloody difficult to walk in…

Dark Crystal Skeksis sketchDark Crystal is an absolute triumph of design, a film I’ve grown to appreciate more and more as I’ve grown older. The Jim Henson Workshop’s meticulous craftsmanship married with Brian Froud’s awesome conceptual designs produce a film where the rich, sumptuous, detailed visuals make every frame a fantasy masterpiece. I’ve even grown to enjoy the script more over the years; what seemed simplistically childish when I was a teenager (and I wanted all my sci-fi and fantasy to be down and dirty and grim)I now realise is a mix of mythic tropes and deliciously black humour.

How can you not love a line like, “Mouldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle and death.”

And the Skeksis feast scene, where one of the starters decides to make a run for it, is hilarious.

Dark Crystal mystics sketch

For a while it looked like Genndy Tartakovsky, the genius behind the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon and Samurai Jack, was going to direct a Dark Crystal sequel, but sadly the project was officially shelved in 2012. This must rate as my personal second biggest missed opportunity in sci-fi and fantasy after Morn not getting the last line in the final episode of Deep Space Nine.

On a more personal level, I had a great meeting yesterday, which should lead to some great freelance opportunities, and hopefully more besides. I don’t want to say too much yet in cased I jinx things, but stay tuned.

See you tomorrow.

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