Day 193: Matrix Relaced

It’s bullet time for Sole Of Sci-Fi. Shame I didn’t have any Adidas Neos handy.

July 12 main

This picture makes no sense. So it fits in perfectly with the Matrix sequels, then.

To be fair, Reloaded and Revolutions may make sense, it’s just that whenever the films attempt anything approaching exposition they infodump with such tediously florid language, it sends me into a catatonic state, and I miss all the important plot points. I still develop a nervous tic just thinking about The Architect: “Thus, the answer was stumbled upon by another, an intuitive program, initially created to investigate certain aspects of the human psyche…” Blah blah blah… white noise, white noise. To paraphrase William Gibson, “The dialogue in The Matrix Reloaded was like a television set tuned into a dead channel.”

Matrix Architect dialogue

I once had to sit through a Matrix all-nighter, as the official mag rep at an SFX-sponsored screening at a film festival (Sci-Fi London, I think, but I can’t be sure). The first was was great, and a good few of the shorts from The Animatrix were well worth watching too. But by I was dozing off half way through Reloaded and enduring Revolutions felt like  war of attrition.

It’s a shame I have so many negative memories of the trilogy, because there’s actually a lot to like about the films as well, particularly some groundbreaking action sequences and  few genuinely clever ideas. Sadly, say “Matrix” to me, and I’m more likely to recall that bloody slow motion rave from Reloaded. Maybe one day someone will massively cut and re-edit Reloaded and Revolutions into one leaner, meaner film, and replace some of the more pretentious, monotone exposition with some “sci-fi for simpletons” explanations from characters who can inject some inflection into their voices.

I’m all for sci-fi that makes you think, but I do need to be awake to think about it in the first place.

Some encouraging developments on the freelance front yesterday. Also, my internet and phone line was finally fixed. Meaning today is a good day to dial. See what I did there?

Be seeing you.

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