Day 195: Absolutely FABulous

International Rescue comes to the aid of come ducks in a local pond…

July 14 May

I don’t live in a yellow submarine and I don’t know anybody who does. I once knew someone who lived in a green barge, which always looked like it might inadvertently turn into a submarine at any moment (it was so rickety it could have been torpedoed by a particularly determined trout).

One thing I’ve never know for sure, though, is if it was Thunderbird 4 that inspired the Beatles song. After all, Thunderbirds premiered in 1965 and “Yellow Submarine” was released in 1966. Admittedly, McCartney has never mentioned Thunderbirds as an inspiration, but it could have been subliminal. I’d like to think so anyway.

Not that living in Thunderbird 4 would be much fun. It’s a bit pokey and it spends most of its time locked away inside one of Thunderbird 2’s pods. It’d be like living in a caravan parked inside a garage. Gordon always came across as the dullest of the Thunderbird pilots as well; a wetter version of ’60s Dick Grayson. Scott and Virgil were the ones you’d like to share a pint with down the pub while Gordon arranged his sock drawers. Admittedly, on the surface John came across and the most stiff, formal and taciturn Tracy, but he did spend most of his time stuck alone on a space station, so you can forgive him for being a bit weird, and I always assumed his demeanour was masking some interesting deep dark side to his nature; maybe he wrote Steed and Mrs Peel slash fiction.

July 14 sideToday’s trainers are a bit of an oddity (and not just because the guy who provided them also sent a free pair of shorts…). They’re Adidas sort-of-Superstars with uppers mostly made from a hemp-like material. Now, hemp usually means the trainers are being marketed as “veggie-friendly” but these also have suede patches as well, so that blows that theory.

July 14 heelThey also have a funky zig-zag design on the heel, which really reminds me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it… They’re really comfy as well.

Had a huge number of new followers on Twitter yesterday, but no new donations. So, if you’re a newbie to this blog, please please, please support what I’m doing this all for and sponsor me for a fiver! I need a reason to carry on!

Also getting low on trainers again, so footwear donations (or loans) will be gratefully received too!

Actually got to do some real work today. And it’s going to be really sunny outside. Must not get distracted… Must not get distracted…

See you tomorrow.

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