Day 196: Looped Laces

Double trouble as Sole Of Sci-Fi goes timey-wimey…

July 15 main

I’m going to name drop. Today’s image was inspired by the mighty Tim Minchin. Clang. Y’see, I interviewed him yesterday (on the phone sadly), and at one point he mentioned that he really liked Looper. So this one’s for you, Tim.

Actually, I was namedropping shamelessly even during the interview, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t. It’s not something I normally do. I’m so tentative about mentioning famous people I’ve met in casual conversation, that whenever I do attempt it, instead of sounding cool and impressive I sound like someone desperate for attention. So I tend to avoid namedropping.

Tim Minchin and Matildas

Tim Minchin and various Matildas

But I have a cracker of a Tim Minchin-related anecdote that involves Joss Whedon. However, I promised myself before the interview that I wouldn’t mention it.

Then Minchin, totally independently, brings up the subject of Joss Whedon. I couldn’t resist.

Y’see, I love Matilda, the musical stage version that Minchin wrote. Actually I like the book and film as well, but I specifically like the musical. Hell, I even own the CD.

Now, Matilda has been playing at the Cambridge Theatre near Covent Garden in London for a few years now. When Joss Whedon came to the UK to promote either Cabin In The Woods or Much Ado About Nothing (I can’t exactly recall which, exactly – I could check my tapes) he stayed in a hotel in Covent Garden and that’s where the interviews took place. And knowing how much he loves musicals himself, I told him, “Since you’re staying just a minute away from the theatre, you really should go and see Matilda – it’s brilliant!”

This was before the musical had opened in the US and Whedon gave no indication he’d ever heard of it, but showed polite interest.

Anyway, during my interview with Minchin yesterday, he mentions how thrilled he was when Whedon Tweeted some lyrics from Matilda. So Whedon’s clearly seen in now. I doubt he popped down to the Cambridge after our interview (it’s more likely he saw it in the States) but in my head… that’s exactly what he did!

Anyway, Minchin was great fun, and you’ll see the results in SFX soon.

Looper limb loss

Looper, meanwhile, reminds me of Sundays’s blog about plot holes. It’s another much loved SF film that is riddled with illogicalities. Hell, even director Rian Johnson admits the time travel elements make no sense. You don’t even have to look too closely at the plot (though a close examination reveals that the entire plot is actually based on fallacy); one of the film’s most visually exciting sequences – with a guy in the present losing parts of his body because the evil gang bosses in the future are severing them on a younger version of himself – is utter and complete bobbins on so many levels. But it does look so cool, you let the film get away with it.

See you tomorrow. Or maybe yesterday. Why did something just go ping?

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4 thoughts on “Day 196: Looped Laces

  1. Kathy says:

    Weirdly, I had thought that Joss’d seen Matilda and tweeted about it before that, so maybe it was a repeat trip?

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