Day 197: Vans For Vendetta

Remember, remember the 16 July… erm, that’s not working, is it?

July 16 main

I remember, way back in the early months of this charity challenge, I would try match certain images to relevant days of the year. Day 42 was a Hitchhiker’s Day. I wore some pink Converse for Valentine’ Day. Day 101 had a Big Brother theme. You get the idea.

But this far into the challenge, I’m just so desperate for ideas for new photos, as soon as I get them, they go up on the blog even though, perhaps, like this one, they  may have been more suited to another day. Like 5 November, perhaps.

Gorn on the fouth of JulyHaving said that, I did let 4 July go by, totally forgetting that I had planned that day’s photo about a month earlier. It was supposed to be “Gorn On The Fourth Of July” with a cameo from this chap on the left. Never mind, Gorny. I’m sure you’ll make a cameo in a Sole Of Sci-Fi main photo soon. After all, the puns are endless: Real Gorn Kid; Gorn To Be Wild; Gorn But Not Forgotten…

V For Vendetta is one of my favourite graphic novels. I much prefer it to Watchmen, but to be fair, I read V when it first came out, whereas Watchmen I read years after the event, which can always be a problem. I’d heard so much about how Watchmen was THE GREATEST COMIC BOOK STORY OF ALL TIME that by the time I came to read it, there was no way it could live up to the hype.

It’s still great. I’m not knocking it. I just prefer the less sprawling, more focussed, deliciously vitriolic V.

Of course, the opposite effect can also happen. Sometimes, a film, or TV show, book or comic comes out that you miss on release, but everybody hates it. It is, quite clearly, a great pile of steaming guano. But then you get to see or read it, expecting it to be horrendous, and instead – although it’s undoubtedly deeply flawed – you actually find yourself enjoying it much more than you expected.


This sort of unpremeditated management of my expectations certainly meant I enjoyed Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull for more than early adopters. Sure, nuking the fridge, the comedy gopher and the bloody monkey chase scene are all cringingly bad, but there’s actually lots of fun to be had along the way. I definitely enjoyed it more than Temple Of Doom as well; I’d rather have bad CGI monkeys for one scene than Willie’s constant screeching throughout an entire movie.

Todays Vans are a true bargain pair of Vans I got on eBay. They are practically brand new; there’s no sign of wear on them anywhere, even on the soles, and they came with two sets of spotless laces. They’re proof once again that when it comes to footwear on eBay, the best bargains always come in half sizes; fewer people search for half sizes so there’s less competition. These are size 8 1/2, though very cosy, so nearer size 8, reckon. I’m open to offers on them; otherwise it’s the next the car boot for them.

Anyway, lots of work today… and the sun is already tempting me out. Maybe a coffee at the Warmly Waiting Room later while I redraft a couple of chapters from my “it’ll never be finished” novel later.

And cheers to David Van Kappel for yesterday’s donation. Always good to see a new donor!

See you tomorrow.

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