Day 201: Primeval – The Shoe World

Trainersaurus Rex!

July 20 main

Wanna know why the US version of Primeval was axed after one series? Because it didn’t have Rex.

Or Hannah Spearritt. But the lack of Rex was the main problem.

Admittedly it did have Andrew Lee Potts reprising his role as Connor Temple, and the most telling thing about Primeval New World was that whenever he did appear, he was the best thing in the episode. It was great seeing him inject some humour into an almost unremittingly dour show.

primeval UKI’m not going to make the make a case for the UK Primeval being a misunderstood cult classic. I watched it regularly, and it was enjoyable enough fluff, but far too generic, predictable and formulaic to become an essential show you’ve rave about at work. Because I liked a number of the main characters (and the Future Predators, the show’s dino-Daleks), I was willing to forgive it a lot of sins, but my main feeling at the end of each season was, “I wish this was about 25% better.”

primeval new worldOn the other hand, the US version was simply dull, and an ordeal to sit through. Even the FX were worse, which you don’t expect from a US show. Technically they may have been on par, but they seemed to lack the ambition of the FX in the UK show. And the characters were an insipid, forgettable bunch, seemingly created for purely for the purposes of generating artificial conflict.

All of which was proof that the argument about all US drama is better than all UK is complete piffle. If Line Of Duty weren’t proof enough already.

I’m off to the Bristol Harbour festival later. Expect lots of photos of ships tomorrow. I did find some sci-fi related gubbins last time I went, including a ship that could move at warp speed, apparently…

Bristol Harbour festival

And no new sponsors yestersday despite my promise to do a new mini challenge. I still have faith in you though. You have just over a week! Please, please, please spread the word!

See you tomorrow.

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