Day 203: Kicks And Irritating Sidekicks

Why do so many cartoons have characters you could happily strangle? How many of these culprits do you recognise?

July 22 main

Considering my age, many of contemporaries are aghast when I admit that I never got into ’80s action cartoon series. I think the image above explains why – they were full of really irritating characters with comedy voices and a predilection for pratfalls and double takes. Zoinks!

About the only thing the live-action Scooby-Doo movie got right was making Scrappy-Doo the villain (and why does Scrappy look like he’s straining for a dump in the main pic?). I’m still disappointed, though, that Gareth Edwards didn’t have a cameo for Godzuki in the recent Godzilla film just so he could blow him up spectacularly.

Thinking I’m being too harsh? Let’s look at the evidence…

Dear Lord, even the Godzuki music makes you want to vomit.

MOOne sci-fi cartoon series of the era  that I did look forward to each week was Space Sentinels (although it may have been a little earlier – Wikipedia dates it as 1977, but maybe it took a while to get the UK). That was the one featuring three superheroes based on Greek myth – Hercules, Mercury and Astrea – whose base was a spaceship. And even Space Sentinels had bloody MO, the mutant offspring of Walter from Judge Dredd and the cute droids from Silent Running. He used to have a crush on Astrea. How did young viewers pick up on this? Subtle nuance? Clever characterisation? No, his eyes would become heart-shaped.

What did my generation do to deserve this? Do you have you own personal cartoon comedy character pet hate?

And purely because I like prefer the photo below of today’s pair of Nike trainers to the one I ended up using as the main image (because the characters fitted into it better) I’m posting this as well. It looks much more summery and the colour palette is more pleasing.

July 22 second

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See you tomorrow.

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