Day 205: Stargate RC-9

That RC for Ripurl. And they’re size 9. Don’t you love a headline that needs explaining?

July 24 main 2

Um… er… Stargate. Right. Okay. I, um, really liked “Window Of Opportunity”… the Groundhog Day episode where O’Neill whacks golf balls into the Stargate. And “Wormhole X-Treme” was funny; that was the one about a tacky TV sci-fi show that’s suspiciusly similar to the “real” SG-1 team’s adventures. I also thought Stargate SG-1 managed the impossible, by making a half-decent clips episode (please don’t ask me what it’s called), and Begbie from Trainspotting was great in Stargate Universe.

But other than that, it’s a franchise which kinda passed me by. I know, I know, as SFX’s joint top TV nerd (along with Jayne Nelson) I should know everything about every sci-fi series. But there are so many shows out there, that I had to sacrifice a few for the greater good (aka, my sanity). So with Stargate, I missed great swathes of it, and relied on Jayne to let me know when there were episodes too good to miss.

stargate universe rushThen she left the mag, Atlantis too over from SG-1, and I lost all interest. That is until Begbie was cast in Universe. I had to tune in to see that! Which I did for a about five episodes. It was pretty good, but there was so much else on.

So, sorry Stargate fans. The image of the Stargate itself is too iconic not to grace Sole Of Sci-Fi, but I haven’t really got much more to say about the show. Except that Thor always look like a rubbish bendy toy.

But maybe I should have worn some O’Neill trainers?

Busy day today, so yeah, today’s photo was actually prepped yesterday in the sweltering sun, but rest assured the purple Cons were back on straight away afterwards, and I’m wearing the Ripcurls all day today. I’m having lunch with a friend and out for drinks this evening with another old mate and trying to fit some freelance and buying my sister’s birthday present in between.

I reckon I may need a lie in tomorrow.

Don’t forget! I need new donations to make sure I attempt a mini challenge in  Ausgust. See Saturday’s blog for details.

See you tomorrow.

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