Day 211: Stephenson’s Rocket Raccoon

The Sole of Sci-Fi goes off the rails with a Guardian Of The Galaxy…

July 30 main

Marvel has already given the green light to sequel for Guardians Of The Galaxy, even though the first film hasn’t been released yet. Let’s hope it’s not a Green Lantern-style flop, then.

It seems unlikely, as the buzz about Marvel’s first space opera movie has been incredibly positive. It seem that audience are more than willing to believe that a Raccoon can talk. Rocket looks like he could be the break-out star of the summer.

Believe it or not, it wan’t until I got home after taking today’s photo that I thought up the Stephenson’s Rocket connection. Suddenly, looking at those rails, it was obvious. And while today’s headline doesn’t have a trainer-related pun, it was infinitely preferable to the headline I did have in mind: Toe Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The trainers are another pair on loan from Simon Withers, who’s been a great source of running shoes and Vans during this challenge. I’m running a bit low on supplies again at the moment, so feel free to lend your support! I can provide testimonials from previous loaners that trainers are returned in great condition!

I have a day of Ghostbusters-related gubbins ahead today. Amazingly, i’s the 30th anniversary of the first film this year. I really must ignore the sun outside and do some real work for a change!

See you tomorrow.

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