Day 214: Pandora’s Socks

Feeling blue on a wet Saturday? 

August 2 main

It’s only taken seven months but finally I bite my tongue and do a socks gag. I honestly couldn’t come up with anything better for an Avatar blog.  And it had to be an Avatar gag with latest pair of Pearl Izumi’s from the cycling mags’ free box. I mean, look the colour scheme on those trainers!  It’s James Cameron’s Pandora through and through.

I’ve actually only ever seen Avatar once. At the cinema, in 3D. I had to see what all this 3D fuss was about. I thought the movie was okay; certainly visually spectacular and exciting, but overlong and hampered with on overly simplistic and unsubtly bolted-on eco-theme. As many have have pointed out, it was practically Dances With Blue Aliens. I didn’t hate it, I’ve just never felt the need to see it again.

The 3D, though, did impress me, and I began to wonder if Cameron was right; that 3D was the way forward for cinema.

"We’re in 3D –quick, get some light in here!”

“We’re in 3D –quick, get some light in here!”

Five years later, and it’s still only one of two live action films that I think benefit from 3D. The vast majority of the others that I’ve seen, I think the 3D has actually detracted from the experience for me. I hate the way 3D makes the image dark and murky, and usually the only half decent 3D effect in any film is the film company logo the start. I vividly recall taking off my 3D glasses during Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II because watching the film in slightly fuzzy vision was preferable to watching it in the lumpy darkness of 3D. I’m pretty sure I watched large swathes of The Avengers with my glasses off too.

When I saw Guardians Of The Galaxy this week, I saw it in 2D. I don’t think I missed out at all and I was £3 better off.

I will admit that CG animated movies do benefit from 3D. The hyperreality of animation seems to suit the medium; maybe animators have more control over the 3D effects? Indeed, the two live action films I’ve seen that work well in 3D – Avatar and the highly stylised Hugo – are arguably just 3D animated movies that just happen to feature live action casts. Hugo even improves on Avatar in that it uses 3D to enhance emotional moments as well enhancing the FX.

Man-Of-Steel-Amy-Adams-Lois-Lane-and-Henry-Cavill-Kal_ElI actually became trapped in a tedious conversation about 3D with another film journalist once, when I dared to say that I thought that 3D had added absolutely nothing to Man Of Steel. He begged to differ (I’m sure he used the phrase, “I think you’ll find…”). Tests in America had shown that 3D helped directors to draw viewers’ attention to certain parts of the screen, thus meaning directors had more control over what the viewer was watching. Or something. My mind was wandering after a few seconds. Bottom line was, apparently, science proves that I was enjoying 3D even if I didn’t think I was.

My erudite response to that is: bollocks.

Going for a long cycle today. I’m going to get very wet.

See you tomorrow.

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