Day 215: Holodeck Shoes

A holodeck malfunction results in some mustard Nikes going on the blink…

August 3

Ah, the Star Fleet holodeck, the tech with so many gremlins Joe Dante wouldn’t know what to do with them. The damed things went wrong so often you wonder why they don’t permanently have an Out Of Order sign on the door. The damned things even created sentient life, for heaven’s sake (most famously a self-aware Moriarty from a Sherlock Holmes holonovel) but rather than treating this like the greatest breakthrough in science ever, Star Fleet seems to regard the whole thing like a annoying software glitch.

Thank God holodecks didn’t come equipped with their own version on Microsoft Word Paperclip Man (“Hello, you appear to be creating an evil, murdering Klingon criminal warlord…”) – imagine the horror of that accidentally going sentient.

It’s a brief blog today as the parents are arriving in less than three hours and the house needs a tidy. We’re off to have lunch at a garden centre which boasts a Spike from Buffy garden ornament. I kid you not. Hopefully I’ll get photographic evidence this time. If we get there early enough we may be able go eat inside a giant earthenware pot. This place is not your usual garden centre.

being-human-mitchell-box hillSpent most of yesterday afternoon in a pub on a hill in Box, not far above where Mitchell went postal in Being Human, and apparently above some underground caves that contain 20% of the UK’s greater horseshoe bat population (although I’ve done an internet search and been unable to confirm this boast, the greater horseshoe – which is rare – is definitely found in the area). I was drinking with SFX editor-in- chief David Bradley and we also created “experiential sperlunking” – though that was after a few pints and I can’t recall what the hell it was.

Anyway, on with the tidying…

See you tomorrow.

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