Day 218: The Amazing Spider-Man And Friends

Peter Parker meet Rod Laver. Anyone for tennis?

Spider-Man at GMA

Okay, I have a very bizarre reason for thinking of a Spider-Man connection to today’s air of Rod Laver Adidas trainers. It certainly has nothing to do with Rod Laver (an Australian tennis player I had to Google because I knew so little about him – he holds the record for most singles titles won in the history of tennis, apparently). Instead it has to do with the mesh design. Y’see this…

August 6 close-up

Reminded me of this…

Spider-man TV

Although not entirely clear from the screengrab on the left, the replica on the right of the mask used in the first season of the ’70s Spider-Man TV series shows perfectly what I mean: the tea strainer eyes! It used to really irritate me as a kid. I didn’t care of Nicholas Hammond would have been completely blind in the costume – I wanted Spider-Man to have blank white eyes!

Oh, and could his webbing not look like a load of old rope, please? Actually, could the plots not be a load of old rope, too.

Spider-Man EyesOf course, both the Sam Raimi Spider-Man costume and the new Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies have both used mesh effect eyes too, but with a lot more subtlety. Not so much tea strainers as sci-fi sieves. And the webbing looks  a lot better.

While we’re on the subject of things about Spider-Man that irritated me as the kid, I have to get this off my chest. I HATED the way he would web-swing ABOVE the skyscrapers in the ’60s cartoon. What the hell were his webs anchored to? Helicopters?

There were two heinous examples if the show’s opening credits? I couldn’t enjoy the brilliant theme tune because I was too busy going, “Huh? How?”

I was a strange child.

Finally for today (sorry, it’s another busy one), while I was scouring eBay for cheap trainers for the challenge I came upon this.

Expensive Dunlops

Good grief – £109?  Are the Jackson Pollock’s plimsolls or something? Is there something I’m missing here? Is Oohuareawful67 in fact Banksie? I feel I’m missing something here…


See you tomorrow.

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