Day 223: Who Magnetized My Specialized?

Magneto’s after my new cycling shoes, which contain a metal secret…

August 11 main

I thought I was safe.  All I had to do was cycle to the lair of supervillain Magneto to defeat him in battle. I thought I’d been smart. “No metal on me,” I told myself smugly. “He’ll be powerless.”

I’d even checked the Specialized cycling shoes I’d been donated from the Cycling Plus team. They appeared completely non-metallic to me. Not even the eyelet had metal rims.

But they were hiding a fatal secret!

I’d completely forgotten that cycling shoes come ready to be modified with cleats! And hiding under the inner soles was the metal plates that you screw the cleats into!

August 11 clete

I was doomed.

Damned cycling shoes. Even when they’re quite stylish and don’t like a couple of R2 droids strapped to your feet they conspire against you!

Those of you who regularly follow the blog will look at the length of this post and know what’s coming next: sorry for brevity, but busy day today. A review, an interview and the first section of a book all need handing in today (one  by 9am) so I’m starting early!

See you tomorrow.

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