Day 224: Soul-em’s Lot

What’s that scratching at the window? I’ll get my servant to to take a look…

Salem’s Lot main

Sorry to freak you out! But this remains one of the most vivid TV memories from my childhood. It’s the recently vampirised Danny Glick tapping at the window in the 1970 mini-series version of Salem’s Lot.

To be honest, I can remember sod all else about the mini-series, except that I was relieved that David Soul didn’t sing at any point. God that National Express ad on telly at the mo’ with a portly Soul belting out “Silver Lady” possibly recalls even more horrific memories for me than the scene from Salem’s Lot.

While I’m on the subject of Stephen King TV shows, here’s a Scriptease for typical season two of Under The Dome. If you don’t know what a Scriptease is, it’s a feature I used to to do on the SFX website, which they still sometimes use in View Screen. You’ll get the idea.

Let The Games Begin

Townspeople: “Oh no, the Dome is causing a famine/hurricane/potato blight/a plague of bad acting. Save us, recently promoted Sheriff Barbie. We love you. We hate Big Jim.”
Barbie: “I can’t help you. I’m solving some other mystery.”
Big Jim: “He’s snogging that journalist, not solving a mystery.”
Townspeople: “We hate you Barbie!”
Big Jim: “I’ll save you.’
Townspeople: “We love you Big Jim!”
Barbie: “But your plan involves callously killing a few supporting characters.”
Townspeople: “We hate you big Jim!”
Barbie: “I’ll get boy genius Joe or school science teacher Miss MacGyver to build something that solves this week’s problem.”
Townspeople: “We love you Barbie!”
Joe: “It’ll have to be Miss MacGyver, because I’m too busy arguing with my girlfriend.”
The Dome: “I’m not mysterious enough. I need to be more random. I know… let’s make all the tree purple. That’ll throw ’em…”
Townspeople: “This is getting confusing. Do we love Barbie or Big Jim this week?”

The end.

See you tomorrow.

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