Day 225: All Work And No Play

The diary of Adrian Sole, Sized Nine And One Quarter…

August 13 main

Although today’s headline is obviously an reference to The Shining, linking in with the main photo (“Redrum… Redrum!”) it’s also a great description of my life at the moment. You can tell I’m new to this freelancing lark by the way I currently can’t turn ay work down, just in case it all dries up next month. The threat of which also means any spare moments I do have are spent sending out begging emails for more work!

Not that I’m complaining. A lot of my “work” does comprise watching TV and films and reading books. Not a bad way to earn a living.

I’m also interviewing Anne Rice this evening. On the phone. She’s not popping round for tea and cakes.

A quick word on today’s pair of Giro cycling shoes (which I love, by the way, and will be loathe to give back). They are the first ever pair of shoes that I have ever worn, or even seen, or even, to be honest, heard of that come in a quarter size!

August 13 shoe size

Here’s the proof! They’re a size nine and a quarter! That’s madness. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year it’s that shoes sizes are totally random; one company’s idea of a size nine will some other brand’s eight or nine and a half. Nine and a quarter is taking shoe sizing to mindboggling levels of pointlessness. Unless, of course, you, or someone you know, is adamant that you’re a nine and a quarter.

I’ve a had a huge boost in followers, both on Twitter and on the blog over the last week, but no new donations. So if you are a newbie, please note that this blog is all being done in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK, so get out the plastic, click on the Sponsor Me logo below, and help me raise money to fight this debilitating, mind-eating disease.

See you tomorrow.

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