Day 229: Jack and Bill

Red shirt in white plimsolls…

August 17 main

James T Kirk and Jack Purcell return from an away mission, Jack strangely more in focus than his captain. It must be one of those transporter malfunctions.

I’m braving another pair of Converse Purcell’s today, and once again – like the ones earlier this year – they really pinch despite being size nine. Still, it’s a Sunday, I’m not going anywhere (mostly because I’ve got three quarters of a review book to read and the deadline’s tomorrow) so I might as well tick them off the list when I don’t have to do much walking. What I can never understand is why loosening the laces doesn’t make them more comfortable. They don’t pinch on the toes but rather on the boney bit at the top of my feet, but you can rip the laces out and they still seem to pinch!

James Dean jack purcellThey’re obviously a brand not designed for my feet. I’d assume I have mutant feet, except no other trainers I’ve worn this year have the same problem. It’s a shame, because if Purcell’s actually fitted me, I’d probably buy a pair – hell, if they’re good enough for James Dean, they’re good enough for me – but these are going back to the owner (a really skinny mate from way back; maybe that’s the clue, you have to have skinny feet).

Had a great bike ride yesterday. Managed to get from Willsbridge to my favourite canal side cafe at Dundas Aqueduct in less than hour – particularly impressive considering I was stuck for about five minutes behind a machine cutting the hedges. Just to give you an idea what my trip was like – including the wonderfully freaky tunnels that are screaming to be used in a sci-fi film or TV show – he’s a YouTube vid I found featuring (most) of the return journey.

The aqueduct is about  mile away from where this vid starts, and I leave the cycle path at 38:25 (you can just see the exit if you pause). The guy doing the video obviously cycles a lot faster than I do, though he doesn’t encounter any hedge-cutting vehicles, to be fair.

The Warmly Waiting Room, which has a (hidden from view on the cycle path) Tardis toilet is at 45.58.

See you tomorrow.

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