Day 231: Hammer Time

I can see Thor’s hammer, but where are the trainers?

August 19 main 2

Stealth Vans today, perfect for sneaking into Asgard… if Asgard were covered in grass and dead leaves.

If Mjolnir looks a little small, that’s because I’m secretly one of the Stone Giants, and not because I put this shot together too quickly this morning and only noticed afterwards. Honest.

Talking of Stone Giants, here’s something I only just realised the other day watching Thor: The Dark World on Blu-ray.

Thor dark world stone giant

I thought he looked a bit familiar, so I did some Googling, and by Odin’s beard, this guy seems to go to the same tailor as Korg in “Planet Hulk”. In fact, many punters seem to think he is Korg, putting in a cameo. He doesn’t appear to have signed a multi-picture deal.

Planet Hulk Korg

I actually really love Thor: The Dark World. I’m one of the very few who preferred it to Winter Soldier. That doesn’t mean I hate Winter Soldier – it’s a mighty fine film – but one of the rules of the internet seems to be that you ever state you like A over B, then clearly you hate B. But I live on Planet Golder, where, amazingly, I can enjoy both the Russell T Davies’s and Steven Moffat’s eras of Doctor Who. I do have a preference (can you guess?) but I don’t feel some internet-fuelled urge to diss the other era at all times. Conversely, I can find faults with both eras.

the leftovers christopher eccleston stan laurel impresson

“Another fine mess you’ve gotten me into”

As I can with Thor: The Dark World. Oddly, I can probably find more faults with Thor: The Dark World than with The Winter Soldier. Specifically, Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith the Accursed is a criminally underdeveloped villain (t)hen again, at least we didn’t have to endure Eccleston doing the strange Stan Laurel impression he’s adopted for most of his scenes in The Leftovers). There are also some cringey moments of humour that don’t work, and at least one heroic death lacks any real emotional kick.

But while Winter Soldier is a more consistent film overall (and Samuel L Jackson is amazing), I found its conspiracy theory plot with added Spandex all a little too by-the-numbers. There was a whiff of familiarity about it. Whereas in the Dark World I was watching Star Wars dog fights in Middle-earth (or near as dammit) and a climactic battle that was talking place across nine worlds! This was great cinema – spectacle that felt fresh and new.

Plus, Hiddleston was fantastic as Loki and, being a Chuck fan, I loved seeing Zachary Levi kick dark elven ass.

But Guardians Of The Galaxy was better than both of them.

See you tomorrow.

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