Day 232: Let Them Eat Nike

The replicators are on the blink…

August 20 main

I did warn you that a busy week meant I’d be falling back on good old stand-bys like Star Trek and Doctor Who, so no apologies for a replicator gag so soon after a transporter gag. Actually, this is one I’ve had planned as an “emergency quick one” for a while – easy to bung together quickly. After all, all I had to do was stand in a replicator. I had one installed in the kitchen a while back in preparation.

The reason I’m so busy this week is because I’m writing a book, which isn’t quite as exciting as it sounds. I’m not about to become the new Philip Pullman. I’m providing the words for an art book, so it’s kinda like literary Polyfilla – nobody actually reads the words in these books, do they? The words are there more as a piece of design to provide breathing space between the pictures.

But I’m putting in my usual above-and-beyond effort and I’ve been over-researching like crazy. And I get credited on the cover as “author” which can only look good on my CV.

Hans Zimmer bugglesThe theme is dystopias, and I’ve unearthed some great factoids. But none is better than this: film composer Hans Zimmer (the Dark Knight trilogy) was a member of ’80s technopop combo The Buggles. He’s even (briefly) in the promo clip for “Video Killed The Radio Star” (that’s him on the left).

That was the first video ever played on MTV and it was directed by Highander helmer Russell Mulcahy, who went on to create his own dystopic movie with Highlander 2 (though we’d all rather forget that). Mulcahy also dabbled with dystopian imagery in the Duran Duran videos for “Union Of The Snake” (a song which will forever more make you pronounce “union” as “you neon”) and the wonderfully overblown “Wild Boys”, which looked like Mad Max 2 with more dancing.

Mulcahy didn’t actually direct “Union Of The Snake” but he did come up with the concept, and it shows.

Ah, the ’80s, when pop stars were required to become instant actors in “concept” videos, and the drummers always look nervous and shifty, like they’re embarrassed their mates might actually see them doing this crap…

As for what the lyrics os “Union Of The Snake” are all about? God knows. Simon LeBon hinted it had something to with, “the fears of the subconscious mind breaking through to the conscious mind.” One website I’ve found is convinced it’s all about the Illuminati. Me? I’m going all Carry On again. I mean, come on: “The Union Of The Snake is on the climb” say the lyrics. That’s just a euphemism for, “I’m getting hard,” surely?

Oh, and Hans Zimmer also wrote the theme tune for the quiz show Going For Gold.

I’m not making this up.

See you tomorrow.

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