Day 233: Tread 209

You have 20 seconds to donate…

August 21 main

Tread 209 – another one of those puns I’m amazed it’s taken me months to think up. The New Balance are a bit of a mystery, though. They turned up in the post yesterday, and I’ve no idea who they came from. I even checked my eBay account to make sure I hadn’t bought them when I was drunk, or something!

They’re another pair with weird knobbly laces. Is this some new trend in running shoes no one’s told me about? And when I was taking a close up to show you what I mean about the laces, I discovered another unique feature of these trainers: they appear to be the first running shoes ever to come with their own pen holder…


And yeah, you can still walk and run in them with the pen in place. I know, I tried. I wonder if New Balance point this out in their advertising?

Still busy today, so another short blog. But for other reason than I think it looks pretty, here’s last night’s sunset from my living room window. Hell, I’ve the sunrise on this blog before, so I may as well go for the full set.


Usual Sign-Off

• Current total: £1,110

• Remember this is all for charity, so any pennies or pounds you can spare PLEASE DONATE BY CLICKING HERE.

• Follow me on Twitter to make sure you see what trainers I’m wearing each day.

• If you have any trainers you could donate (either on loan or old pairs you’re getting rid of) which are size 9 (ish – I can do anything  from 8 to 10) contact me at so I can arrange collection.

• Please, please, please leave comments below! I’m after ideas for mini-challenges, future photoshoots and how I can find enough pairs of trainers!


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