Day 236: Star Wars – A New Balance

Still on Hoth for the latest installment of the 365-day charity challenge…

August 24 main

This is how I recover from hangovers…

I jest of course. I didn’t celebrate the return of Doctor Who that heavily. And it was worth celebrating. Sure, I thought the episode was overlong and a bit flabby. And that cameo from Green Wing woman as Mary Poppins at the end seemed to have been edited in from an old episode of Rentaghost. But it was loads of fun, full of great lines, and showcased an intriguing new Doctor.

I sat intriguing because I have yet to make my mind up about Capaldi, but I think that’s a good thing. Actually, maybe I should clarify that. I have yet to make my mind up about what Steven Moffat has in mind for Capaldi’s Doctor. Because Capaldi himself is great. But with most new Doctors it’s a case of the actor who’s been cast finding his own interpretation of the role. Whereas with Capaldi’s Doctor he appears to have been handed some kind of agenda which goes further than just “be darker”. It seems to be less a case of Doctor Who as Doctor Why.

doctor who deep breath capadldi close up eyes

This could build into one hell of an arc plot revealing startling new aspects of the Doctor. Or it could end up being a strait-jacket foe Capaldi, stopping him from just naturally developing and growing into the role. Which does worryingly remind me of the whole sixth Doctor disaster when the producer had more control over the role than the actor.

But you know what? I like this uncertainty. It’s thrown me out of my comfort zone and it makes me genuinely curious about where the show is going. Plus, if Moffat has the balls to go against the pretty-boy young Doctor flow and cast Capaldi, I also trust him to let Capaldi off the leash. What’s the point in casting him, otherwise?

I keep wondering, though, if in a classic piece of Moffat misdirection, Capaldi may the first Doctor with a built-in expiration date? I’m not saying I’d want that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Oh, and I love new titles but not at all keen on the new theme arrangement. I want they mystery back in the music.

doctor who deep breath balloon

Oh and thanks to my Twitter feed, we now have the line-up of bands for the first WhoFest. Headliners are Rubbish Robots From The Dawn Of Time, supported by The Pudding Brains and Attack Eyebrows (a hot, new independent band, of course).

See you tomorrow.

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