Day 238: On The Ropes

Hey, did I ever tell you I’m a fine tightrope walker? (I’m fibbing)

August 26 main

This is another one of those “here’s one I prepared earlier” blogs. I put it together yesterday, but I will be wearing the Vans today. Honest! I’m actually really please with this one. I obviously light my photos the way Steven Spielberg lights his films, because they blend in really well. Who’d’ve thought my least favourite Indy film (and I include Kingdom Of The Stupidly Long Title in that), with a screen shot featuring one of the most irritating movie characters of all time (Willie, not Short Round or Mola Ram) would provide one of personal favourite blog photos of the year?

The reason I haven’t got time to blog tomorrow/this morning (this is getting timey-wimey) is because of my work ethic. Finished work on the book last night, but it still needs a final proof. And I work much better in the mornings. So I want to get up at 5am, have some brekkie, and then get straight to work.

Luckily, it’s only a very short book, word count-wise – just 10,000 words. And some of them are spelt correctly already.

ghostbusters carI’ve also got to create a new car for Ghostbusters. But that’s another story… Then there’s that Anne Rice interview I need to transcribe.

Hmm, this is going to be a busy week.

See you tomorrow.

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