Day 240: That’s Tauntaun It

Not very practical shoes for snow planet. But I’m a slave to fashion… Well, from the knees down.

August 28

Artoo says that the chances of my toes getting frostbite are 725 to 1. Actually Artoo has been known to make mistakes… what he hasn’t taken into account is that I’m wearing two pairs of socks! And each sock is different, so that must make a difference to the odds.

I’m sorry. It’s very early in the morning. Another early start this morning. Hospital appointment. Nothing serious, don’t worry. No frozen toes being amputated. And I need to get a review written before I go.

It’s been a busy week, overall. Since I finished the book, I’ve had six other deadlines for various reviews and articles. Finally, I’m earning some decent money. Maybe this freelance lark might a decent living. Or it may all dry up again.

One thing I had to write yesterday entailed me watching The Orphanage for the first time in the name of research (I have a hard life, don’t I?). That’s the Spanish language horror film produced by Guillermo del Toro. What a great little film, with one truly unusual aspect for a horror film, that I won’t spoil because it’s the main reason I liked the movie. I think it may be a horror film for people who don’t usually like horror films. Despite one or two moments of fairly low-key gore, most the frightening bits are more along the lines of psychological horror.


It was also beautifully shot. I was interested to go onto IMD and learn that director PA Bayona has since directed two episodes of Penny Dreadful and is scheduled to direct a sequel to World War Z… which was one of those, “There’s going to be a sequel?” moments.

I’m still waiting for The Dark Crystal 2, please. I’d rather see Bayona directing that.

See you tomorrow.

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