Day 243: Planet Of The Giants

I’m just about to have a miniature Dalek injected into my brain…

August 31 main

Loved Doctor Who last night. Fantastic Voyage meets “Dalek”. Wouldn’t have minded a, “Contact has been made,” in-joke, but you can’t have everything.

I even liked what some of the more sheep-minded Who critics are unimaginatively calling the Clara soap scenes. I like a reminder that the companions have real lives here on Earth, and Danny Pink seems charismatic within a few short scenes. It’s also interesting to see a show like Doctor Who addressing such a moral ambiguity about whether a soldier – trained to kill as part of their job  – can ever be a good (wo)man. The “coincidence” of the Doctor taking such an anti-military stance the same episode that Clara bumps into a possible companion-elect was a bit contrived, but I bet we’re going to have to see the Doctor admitting that he’s in no position to stand on the moral high ground before the series is over.

Oddly, I’m still finding it difficult to warm to Capaldi’s Doctor, but I can see why others rate him so highly. I just want to see him in an episode where the script’s not trying so hard to go, “Look – he’s the dark Doctor! He needs Clara to ground him. Slap!” It’s laid on a little to thickly for my tastes, but only a little. I like the intention; I’d just like it to be handled a bit more subtly.

I dunno, it’s easy to find little irritations in “Into The Dalek” (I wasn’t keen on the preponderance of air conditioning plastic corrugated tubing either)  but hey – Daleks blasting seven hells out of each other. That’s what I pay my licence fee for. Well that, and The Archers. And I did really like Capaldi in the teaser sequence.

See you tomorrow, after the car boot sale..

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